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Why should I get an auto insurance policy in Texas?

The Friendswood, TX area can be a great place to live and visit. To ensure that you can enjoy all that this city has to offer, it is vital that you own a car as it will keep you efficient and allow you to get around town. If you do own a car, you also need to make sure that you get insurance. There are several reasons why you should get an auto insurance policy here. 

Required by Law

One reason why you should get auto insurance in this area of Texas is that it is required by law. Anyone that wants to drive on a public road here will need to comply with state laws, which require that you carry liability coverage at all times. If you do not, you could violate the law and face penalization. 

Protects Your Investment

It would help if you also got an auto insurance policy in Texas because it can protect your investment. Buying a car comes with a big purchase and some maintenance. The last thing you would want would be to lose this investment through an accident or theft. With a full insurance policy that has collision and comprehensive coverage, you can be fully protected. 

It is crucial that those in the Friendswood, TX area get an appropriate auto insurance policy. If you are looking for a new insurance policy in this area, you should reach out to the team at Brock Insurance Group LLC. The insurance team at Brock Insurance Group LLC can give you the guidance and support that you need to pick a new policy. This will help ensure that you get a policy that offers you the right type and level of coverage.

The Most Common Types of Commercial Insurance

There are several types of commercial insurance in the market, but the most common types of business insurance are workers’ compensation, liability, and property. The following includes more details about these types of commercial insurance:

Commercial property insurance

The company’s physical assets are protected from various perils, such as explosions and storms. Floods and earthquakes are typically not covered unless added to the policy.

Commercial liability insurance 

This insurance coverage assists in paying for legal costs and medical expenses due to an incident at your company, leading to a lawsuit. It can help in covering costs associated with property damage or bodily injury caused by your business.

Workers’ compensation insurance

Also referred to as workman’s comp, this coverage offers employees benefits if they get ill or injured from something that is work-related. These benefits help cover medical care and lost wages if they had to take off from work due to illness or injury.


Of course, as with any insurance coverage, there are limitations, and every state has its own set of regulations. Also, as mentioned before, these are the most common types of insurance. So, for more information about these types of insurance or any other kind that may be crucial to have for your type of business, contact Brock Insurance Group, LLC.

Our team at Brock Insurance Group, LLC has been serving Texas for several years. We are a locally owned and operated company in Friendswood, TX that is partnered with several carriers throughout the nation. Our staff are professional, courteous, highly-trained, and experienced. So, we can lead you in the right direction to make sure your company is adequately covered. Contact our office in Friendswood, TX today.

What is a home inventory and why do I need one

When you buy a home, it comes with a lot of responsibility. One of those responsibilities is making sure you have the best home insurance you can afford. You need the peace of mind that comes from knowing if you ever have a claim, you will be able to collect. If you need to collect on the contents of your home, having a home inventory will make the whole process of filing a claim much less stressful. Brock Insurance Group, LLC in Friendswood, TX has experienced staff who is dedicated to providing the highest level of customer service and earning the trust for their customers. 

When your home is damaged or destroyed by a covered hazard, you can file a claim with your carrier. They need to know what content they are replacing. During the trauma caused by a catastrophic loss, trying to remember all the things you had is difficult. You may not be able to remember exactly what was in each room, and it could cost you a lot of money. That is where your home inventory comes in. 

A home inventory lists all the items you have in each room, closet, draws, basement, and attic. You can do a digital inventory, or you can do it the traditional way with just a pad and pen. To make it as accurate as possible, include details about brand names, model, serial numbers, and date of purchase. If you have receipts, they should be kept with the inventory and appraisals for any more valuable items. Take pictures as well. Then, most importantly, store your inventory in a safe place, preferably away from your actual dwelling. 

No one wants to think about dealing with home damage, but it can happen, and having a home inventory will make everything go much smoother. Call or stop by the office of Brock Insurance Group, LLC in Friendswood, TX for a no-obligation quote. 

How to Insure Your Classic Car

Classic cars are a fun hobby, as well as an excellent investment. Accidents happen even to classic cars, though. This is why it is crucial to learn how to insure your classic car best. This is vital to protecting the time and money you have invested in this hobby. At Brock Insurance Group, LLC., serving Friendswood, TX, we don’t mind taking the time to educate our clients on important topics such as this. Keep reading to learn all about insuring your classic car. 

Why Traditional Insurance is Not Enough

A traditional car insurance policy is often not appropriate for classic cars. The reason for this is because a traditional insurance policy only protects a car up to its traditional cash value. Most tools that are used to evaluate this value cannot take into account the money and time that has been invested in a classic car. Also, a classic car’s value is based on a different rating value than a regular vehicle. For these reasons, a unique classic car insurance policy is needed. 

Different Types of Collector Car Insurance

There are different types of insurance policies for classic or collector cars. These insurance policies aim to address the different kinds of value which are held by classic cars, antique cars, modified cars, and kit cars or replicas. The best way to decide which type of policy you need is to talk to an insurance representative. They can help you evaluate the kind of car you have and the value. This way, you will be sure to have a sufficient car insurance policy to cover your special vehicle. 

If you would like to learn more about special insurance policies for classic and collectible cars, please contact our friendly staff today. Brock Insurance Group, LLC, serving Friendswood, TX, looks forward to speaking with you soon. 

Benefits of Flood Insurance in Texas

Your home insurance in Friendswood, TX won’t protect you from floods. You may be wondering if it’s worth it to get a separate policy just to cover this one disaster, but there are several benefits of having flood insurance. An agent at Brock Insurance Group, LLC will help you find the right policy for your needs.

Helps Protect Your Property

Just one inch of water can cause a lot of damage to your home. Many flood claims will come from properties that are outside of listed flood zones. If you want to protect your property from flood damage, then the only way you can do this is with flood insurance. Not only can flood insurance protect the structure of your home, but you can also get insurance to cover your belongings.

Improve Your Home’s Value

If you live in a high-risk flood zone, then you may be required to purchase flood insurance, but it’s still essential coverage even if you don’t need to have it. Getting flood insurance shows you take ownership of your home and may also encourage others to take the necessary steps to get their own coverage.


Flood insurance doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Coverage can be straightforward, and an agent can help you sort through the details.

Peace of Mind

If there is severe weather, then your first thought is for your loved ones and pets. After that, you will want to know how to get your property back to normal. Flood insurance can give you peace of mind that you are covered and don’t need to have any undue stress.

Coverage No Matter What

There may be help available if you don’t have flood insurance after a flood in Friendswood, TX, but that is never a guarantee. With insurance, you don’t have to wait until there is a declared disaster before you can get help. 

Contact Brock Insurance Group, LLC to get a quote on flood insurance.

The Life Insurance Coverage To Protect Yourself and Family

As we all enjoy life for the great one-time chance that we get, there comes a time to prepare for the end. It can seem like a downer. However, it is a good thing to start thinking about life insurance. As the timeless mantra goes, "prepare for the worst, hope for the best" still stands true to this day.  

We are Brock Insurance Group, LLC., an independent insurance agency based in Friendswood, TX. Over the years, we have helped many of our local clients find the best insurance policies that are beneficial for them and their families. Life insurance is critical to start investing sooner than later. Here is how families can look at two of the various life insurance options available. 

With term life insurance, this does not last forever, and it has a specific time that it expires. Now, this can come with the option of being renewed and converted into a whole life policy. This would be great for parents to purchase for the entire family as the coverage comes with great benefits, including lower premiums. 

With whole life, there is a fixed premium. However, this is set for your entire life. You also accumulate money over the years that help you save for the worst-case scenario of one passing away. Funeral expenses, regular bills, and maintaining normal living stability are set for those who are left to deal with losing a loved one. 

Would you like to speak to one of our agents about setting up a consultation meeting to discuss the life insurance options available? Speak with our team in Friendswood, TX to discuss your options and have your life insurance questions answered. We will be happy to get you started.

Do I need more insurance if I have a student driver?

Teaching a new driver is an exciting, often harrowing, experience for parents and teens alike. Brock Insurance Group, LLC wants to help all Friendswood, TX area families feel a little more protected on the road while a new generation of drivers takes the wheel. If you’re concerned about the amount of auto insurance you have, consider the following points.

Auto insurance covers the car, no matter who is driving it

The good news is your car policy follows the car regardless of who is driving it. This means you do not need a separate policy for each driver, nor do you need to add every potential driver as a policyholder. As long as your policy meets the state minimum requirements, your student driver will be covered. However, that doesn’t necessarily mean the minimum insurance on the vehicle will totally cover all damages after an accident. 

Student drivers are inexperienced, more likely to cause an accident

Even if your teen is the most responsible person you know, they can still end up in an accident. Even if it’s not their fault, there’s always the risk the person at fault doesn’t have significant insurance. Once your minimum insurance is exhausted, you’ll be stuck footing the bill. This is why it’s important to consider more comprehensive coverage that goes beyond the average, especially if you have a young, inexperienced driver.

Having more insurance is always a good idea if you have a student driver. If you live in the New Braunfels or Friendswood, TX region and want more information about the best insurance to cover a new driver, reach out to Brock Insurance Group, LLC.

Tips On the Best Practices for Commercial Insurance

Having adequate commercial insurance is an ongoing need for every business, which is likely to change over time. The process of considering the different kinds of commercial insurance can be somewhat intimidating.

Certain things are obvious, like the legal requirement to have workers’ compensation insurance if you have any employees and the need to have commercial insurance for any vehicles used for the business. Moreover, all companies should have general liability insurance.

So far, so good, but what about product risk, professional liability coverage, and special needs coverage?

Here are the best practices to follow when it comes to making sure your commercial insurance is set up correctly to give both the business and yourself adequate protection.

Work With Your Agent

There is no reason to worry, when all you have to do is consult with an agent at Brock Insurance Group, LLC, serving Friendswood, TX and the surrounding area. Let them do the hard work and explain the details to you so you can make an informed decision.

Upgrade Insurance for Changes

Once you have the necessary coverage in place, inform your agent if any significant change is made. Examples of changes that require insurance upgrades are getting a new piece of equipment or opening a new location. Be sure to inform your agent if any change is coming up so that the insurance can be adjusted in advance to accommodate the change.

Insurance Review

Have a comprehensive insurance review at least once each year and more frequently if there is any new risk that should be mitigated. Have your agent hunt for insurance gaps by considering places where coverage is not adequate for something that might go wrong. Try to think about things that might happen, even things that would be unexpected. 

Umbrella Insurance

Make sure you have a very large policy limit on an umbrella insurance policy that extends the policy limits of the underlying commercial insurance policies and covers things that the other policies do not cover.

Business Interruption

One very helpful thing a commercial policy has is protection to help pay the bills, if the business cannot operate normally due to no fault of its owner, like when a natural disaster occurs. Business interruption insurance can be a business-saver for this problem.

Contact your agent at Brock Insurance Group, LLC in Friendswood, TX to get a review of your commercial insurance and help with all of your insurance needs.

Home Insurance Considerations When Sharing a Home

Home sharing is becoming more popular because it is now more difficult for one person or a family to be able to earn enough to buy a home. Rather than wasting money on rent, which helps the landlord get rich, millennials are teaming up to buy a house together. Homeowners may want to use a spare room in a home that they already own to rent it out to help pay the bills.

Multigenerational Housing

A huge trend is for multiple generations of families to live together in one big home. Part of this trend comes from children who do not move out of their family home when they become adults. Another part of this same trend comes from elderly parents moving back in with their children who are middle-aged adults.

This is a more economical way to take care of parents than trying to pay the expensive monthly cost of them being in an assisted-living facility. The median price of assisted living is $4,000 per month, as reported by the Genworth Cost of Care Survey 2018. That is a lot of money, which could go to make a mortgage payment instead.

Insurance Concerns for Shared Living

The main thing to worry about is if getting money from another person to share a home creates a commercial operation. If you are renting out a room, this is a business effort, and regular home insurance will likely have exemptions that do not cover this activity. Perhaps, the personal property of the renter needs to be insured separately under a renter’s insurance policy, and you will need to have commercial insurance.

Even the sharing of expenses for a home may be considered a commercial activity depending on whom the parties are. To avoid problems, consult with your agent at Brock Insurance Group, LLC serving Friendswood, TX, and the surrounding area.


Your agent at Brock Insurance Group, LLC in Friendswood, TX will conduct a home insurance review. Then, they will make suggestions about how to upgrade or change coverage to make sure you have adequate protection when sharing a home or renting out part of it to another person.

Contact your agent by calling our office to get a quote and for help with all of your home insurance needs.