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RV Insurance in Texas

Before you take off with your RV from your Texas residence, and explore the beautiful state of Texas, it is essential to have that last layer of protection from Brock Insurance Group, LLC. If you are planning to carry only an auto insurance policy on your RV, you will not get the same protection. Below are some leading benefits of RV insurance.

Protection at the Campground

When you park your RV at the campground, you transition the vehicle to a temporary residence, stabilizing it for a while and shifting its use. During this time, your RV could become the victim of a tragic accident from a natural disaster. It could also suffer at the hands of thieves and vandals. This is known as vacation liability and can be supplemented to your policy.

Add Roadside Assistance

If your RV has mechanical troubles while you are traveling, you can add roadside assistance to your policy and get coverage for both towing and labor. Towing an RV is not cheap and can be a heavy cost to bear while on vacation. Also, call them at any time. With 24/7 coverage, you can find the assistance you need no matter when you decide to travel.

Collision and Uninsured Motorist

Like an auto insurance policy, your RV insurance coverage also offers protection while traveling on the highways, should your RV be involved in an auto accident. With collision and uninsured motorist protection coverage, your RV damage is covered whether the responsible party has coverage. While on vacation, this can provide significant peace of mind for you and your family.

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The time is now to call our agents at Brock Insurance Group, LLC, if you live in Texas, or the surrounding area. Our team is ready to provide you with the RV coverage you need before you launch your next vacation and hit the roads of Texas and beyond.

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